[5s3s work] Website design and marketing management services for small businesses in Vaughan

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Design website, Marketing Management for Professional Alteration and Repairs


Customers want us to help them with:
1. Create a website showcasing the store’s services.
2. Create an online store and add genuine things for sale.
3. Ao Dai and clothes mending are the main items.
4. Customers must also create a social channel, such as Facebook, in order to interact.
5. Manage your consumers’ Facebook pages.

Photo of this project:


1. Create a basic website based on the customer’s specifications, but they are happy with the exact template that the customer requires.
2. Generate sales for three months in a row. Customers also applauded our executive team for surpassing sales objectives.


To finish the project, we also had to go directly to clients to acquire product photographs, as well as project completion time so that customers could receive the results as quickly as feasible.


Following that, all parties agreed that the customer was prepared to submit the photograph library immediately at the salon for us to process online.

5s3s provides solutions that help your organization keep up with the times. To meet the requirements for business digital transformation, we offer software development, apps, website development, marketing services, and digital goods.
Please contact us at the following address. 

5s3s.ca – Marketing, Website, Application Development. 

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