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What is a TV Menu? 

Imagine you have an urgent promotion that comes up throughout the day. Your menu must be updated to accommodate the program. But, is not design work more difficult than it appears? And you require TV Menu goods right now.

TV Menu is a digital product developed by 5s3s with the goal of providing clients with the most ease and flexibility while running their enterprises, while also saving money and generating income.

When it comes to showing your menu, TV Menu is a wonderful choice since it not only improves practical efficiency on a daily basis, but it also improves marketing numbers for your business.

How to use TV Menu?

1. Decide on the orientation and size of the TV MENU display.

2. Create or use the TV MENU template.

3. Fill the template

4. Save the content of your menu board display.

5. Display your menu.

The benefits of using TV Menu


On a Digital Menu Display Board, you can easily feature individual menu items and upsell them to clients.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

When watching the TV menu, it makes it easier for customers to pick options and displays information more naturally.

Simple & Easy To Use

Simple to change, saves both time and resources.

If your business operates in one of the following industries, time to consider how our 5s3s TV MENU product could be the ideal solution.

Bars & Restaurants

Food and Beverage Services

Coffee & Tea

Healthcare Clinics and Medical, Hospital system

Nails, Spa, Gym, Fitness, Hair salon, Babershop, Tattoo


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